About Us

Established in 2005, CME Heating is a leading supplier of commercial plumbing services across the UK with a dedicated team of professionals working on a range for organisations large and small.

With over 20 years of experience in gas plumbing and heating, both on-site and in commercial project management roles, CME Heating was founded in 2005 by Michael Donohue as a specialist commercial plumbing and heating company.

We are now a 30+ person strong team of dedicated commercial gas plumbing and heating specialists with a professional on-site and back office team that take the same care of each job now that we did in our early days.

Ever since our inception CME Heating has focussed on providing the highest standard of service to its clients, which has helped us gain a wealth of prestigious accreditations in the industry, and build lasting partnerships with organisations such as local authorities, healthcare authorities, building consultancies and schools.

Who We Work With